Are you trying to learn how to use Zapier?

Brand New Over-The-Shoulder Video Series On How To Automate Your Business With Zapier.

Do you wish you could spend less time working in your business rather than working on your business? I know that sounds a bit difficult at this point since you're so used to having everything under control. But control doesn't always mean you have to do everything yourself. 

In fact many of the tasks you do online can be automated with a simple tool called: "Zapier". 

Heard of that before?

Free Up Your Life. Automate It.

Zapier is just amazing.

It is designed for busy people like you and me who want to be able to focus and make the best use of our time.The good thing about Zapier is that it connects your apps with automated workflows. It moves information from one place to another all automatically.

All you need to do is to configure a few settings in your account and let it work on a routine basis.You set the orders, Zapier executes.

An Extra Team Member.

Using Zapier is fun.                 

It’s like having an extra team member who not only executes processes that you set at lightning speed but also without flaws.                        

And it can work around the clock in the background.                        

Your productivity increases, you get more things done and make more profits.

Zapier also helps you build processes and automate your business like a coder without you having to know a single line of code.                        

You need Zapier to stay competitive in your market.



Automate Your Business
With Zapier

‘Zap’ The Tedious Tasks. Bring Your Business To The Next Level.

There’s nothing like this video series.                         

Watch as I show you how to use Zapier.                       

I reveal my best tips for using this amazing platform to simplify your business life. You get to see everything.      

There is no guesswork.                        

All you need is just an hour of your time to learn everything and you'll be ready to get started with it instantly.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

    • A message from Samantha

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Zapier - Overview and Pricing

    • Zapier - Navigating the Interface

  • 3

    Zapier Integrations

    • Zapier Integrations By Search

    • Zapier Integrations by Internal Search

  • 4

    Autoresponder Integrations

    • Autoresponder App Integrations

    • Autoresponder App Integrations-2

  • 5

    Productivity Integrations

    • Productivity App Integrations

    • Productivity App Integrations - Part 2

  • 6

    Social Media Integrations

    • Facebook Integrations

    • Instagram Integrations

    • LinkedIn Integrations

    • Twitter Integrations

    • YouTube Integrations

  • 7

    Other Integrations

    • GoToWebinar Integrations

    • Google Docs Integrations

    • Microsoft Office Integrations

    • Wordpress Integrations

    • PayPal Integrations

    • Quickbooks Integrations

    • Conclusion

  • 8

    Next steps

    • More Resources for You and Next Steps

    • Before you go...

How Much?

Many people that try to figure things out on their own end up wasting a lot of time and get frustrated and end up with nothing. That’s because they spin their wheels, follow bad advice, and just don’t get the right roadmap to success. This video series will prevent that from happening… When you invest in this training today, you watch as I do it… and you replicate it. It’s THAT simple.