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ATTENTION: If looking at your inbox makes you break out in a cold sweat...

"Learn How To Take Control Of Your Inbox Without Sacrificing Your Time, Your Clients, or Your Sanity!"

If you're like most people, you have a love/hate relationship with email. You love its convenience. You love how easy it is to use. You love that it's free - or at least costs a lot less than a stamp.

But you hate how much control it has over your life.

You're constantly checking email, and why not? It's on your computer, your iPad, and even your phone. You are never more than a few steps away from checking (and responding to) your email.

And somehow, we've convinced ourselves that this is normal!

Here's the truth about email: You don't have to be a slave to your inbox. It's a tool that you can control, not the other way around. I'll show you how you can:

  • Stop obsessively checking your email - without disappointing your customers, friends, or yourself.
  • Control your inbox so you stop missing important emails and stop being stressed over that "unread" count.
  • Effectively manage multiple email addresses without losing your mind.
  • Know when email is not the best tool - and what to use instead.
  • Make your email work smarter with three simple tricks

You CAN learn to control your email and you CAN recover from email overwhelm.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Who's In Control?

    • Who's In Control?

  • 2

    Inbox Zero

    • Inbox Zero?

    • The Ultimate Way To Get To Inbox Zero

    • Finally Reach INBOX ZERO

  • 3

    Handling Multiple Email Addresses

    • Handling Multiple Email Addresses

  • 4

    A Better Choice Than Email?

    • A Better Choice Than Email?

  • 5

    Making Email Work For You

    • Making Email Work For You

  • 6

    Bonus Content

    • Replay of #TechChat about Email Organization

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Automation Strategist & Lead Instructor

Samantha Pointer

Samantha Pointer, is a Technology Organizing Consultant & Automation Strategist who helps business coaches and consultants who are ready to invest in automation systems free up their time. Samantha has over 21 years of experience in running and owning a business and her advice, insight and knowledge of automation and organizing has been showcased locally & nationally in various mediums.