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Evernote Demystified | taught by Samantha Pointer
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Samantha  Pointer
Samantha Pointer
Technology Organizingguru

About the instructor

Samantha Pointer, is a Technology Organizing Consultant/Automation Strategist and founder of Get IT Together!. Known as the “Technology Organizingguru”, Samantha teaches her clients that automation and utilizing technology can help save them time, money, increase productivity, reduce stress and increase the bottom line in their business. Samantha bridges the gap between technology and organization with consulting, workshops, and online training.

Samantha has over 20 years of experience working with clients who have ADD, ADHD, Hoarding Issues, Chronically Disorganized and the Technology Challenged. She also has over 10 years experience as a Web Designer. Samantha holds a BS in Business/E-Business.

Samantha’s advice, insight and knowledge of organizing and technology has been showcased locally and nationally on Nashville’s Morning Line, In Your Prime, A&E’s Hoarders, The Tennessean, Williamson Harold, Nashville Business Journal, Consumer Reports and many other publications and books.


Are you an Evernote user, but aren't using it to its full capability? Have you downloaded Evernote, but that's as far as you have gotten? Do you even know what Evernote is?! 😕

If this describes you then you need my Evernote Demystified course. In this power packed 2-hour class I teach you:

👉What Evernote is.

👉Why you should care and why you need it NOW.

👉How to use Evernote to it's fullest potential.

👉How to set up a structure that is right for you and your business.

👉The most important thing you need to remember to master Evernote.

Come learn how this powerful free software can help you to be more productive in business & life. We will also discuss the different price points when you are ready to do more.

Don't get stumped! Learn to use Evernote today!

*As a bonus you will also have access to the Evernote KickStarter Course!

Course Contents

2 Surveys
1 Multimedia
6 Texts
5 PDFs
1 Download
2.0 hrs