Stop Procrastinating, Start Making Money!

Is procrastination keeping you paralyzed? Don't lose another second of your life to IT. This book will help you to figure out why you procrastinate, and help you work towards overcoming IT. This book is packed full of great information, exercises and tips!

  • Do you have problems meeting deadlines?
  • Do you constantly put things off?
  • Has your procrastination led to relationship, health issues or a loss of business?
  • Have you tried to address your procrastination only to fail?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may have a problem with procrastination.

You see I'm just like you. I struggle with procrastination on a daily basis. Everyday I fight against myself and this unseen force of procrastination to get things done that I know I need to do, but for some reason don’t. I'm a perfectionist and I usually want everything perfect before I pull the trigger so to speak. I also overthink things which lead to things not being done. I have had to come up with my own solutions for getting past procrastination and this is what this ebook is about. I want to share with you what I have done to push past this and what you can do too!

Inside you will find tips, techniques, affirmations and journaling pages for taking actionable steps to push past procrastination.

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You can get the ebook version for $10 or get the signed hard copy for $12.

About the Author

Automation Strategist & Lead Instructor

Samantha Pointer

Samantha Pointer, is a Technology Organizing Consultant & Automation Strategist who helps business coaches and consultants who are ready to invest in automation systems free up their time. Samantha has over 21 years of experience in running and owning a business and her advice, insight and knowledge of automation and organizing has been showcased locally & nationally in various mediums.