Course Description

Social media is the biggest way to reach your audience and target market. Everyone is on it. Whether you like it or not if you want to grow your business then there is a right and wrong way to use social media.

In this fun and informative replay, Samantha will share with you:

  • How to make social media work for your business.
  • Tools to use to make posting your content easier and stress free.
  • Why you shouldn’t be on every platform and why.

Who this training IS for:

  1. Beginners who may have a social media account, but haven't really used it or know what to do with it.
  2. Anyone who doesn't have a social media account, but realize they need to start somewhere to utilize it.
  3. Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use social media in their business.
  4. Those who want a good understanding of how social media works and how it can work for you.
  5. Those who want information that they can implement today!

Who this training is NOT for:

  1. Anyone who doesn't want to show up consistently and build relationships online.
  2. Anyone who doesn't think they need a social media presence.

Grab this replay and learn how to position yourself on social media and make it work for you! 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Social Media That Works: The Basics

    • [Video] Social Media That Works:The Basics

    • Social Media That Works PowerPoint

    • Social Media That Works Handout

    • Updated Tips for Social Media 2018

    • Daily Social Media Checklist

    • Next Step

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Automation Strategist & Lead Instructor

Samantha Pointer

Samantha Pointer, is a Technology Organizing Consultant & Automation Strategist who helps business coaches and consultants who are ready to invest in automation systems free up their time. Samantha has over 21 years of experience in running and owning a business and her advice, insight and knowledge of automation and organizing has been showcased locally & nationally in various mediums.